Marla Morrison

Marla has led and managed teams in a wide range of communications, project and operational management environments for the past twenty-five years. This experience has given her an extensive perspective, allowing her to further develop her natural business acumen and hone a keen awareness and perception of those around her. She understands how important it is to cultivate strong client relationships and those strong stakeholder management skills have contributed to her success, within even the most complex team environments. A broad range of industry experience has given Marla confidence and ease working with all levels of client environments, from senior executive, to operations, to community.

Marla’s work experience includes strategic and tactical planning, communications and design, coaching, organizational change management, research and facilitation; always directed towards solutions that are aligned and effective. Her energy is driven by a passion to help her clients connect their values and purpose with their work to find the most inspiring and positive outcomes. Marla’s diverse leadership experience enables her to bring significant value to her clients, as they work to make a shift in organizational direction or move forward in their professional lives and careers, whether part of a large established corporation, a community not-for-profit, a small start-up or a seasoned leader.

Marla loves the challenge of strategic thinking (connecting actions to outcomes) and being able to view a situation from a high level to determine what needs to happen tactically to move forward. Her focus is always on ‘the people’ piece, since they are what brings any plan to life. They are what also can doom even the most brilliant plans to failure if not considered, invested and involved. Marla’s interest in coaching, problem solving and research, combined with a creative and disciplined approach, helps her clients shift their direction and move forward from where they are today, closer to where they want to be.

Marla holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Theatrical Design from the University of Regina, as well as a Prosci Organizational Change Management Certification. A committed volunteer for many years in her community, she focused on provincial youth as a Rotarian. Marla continues to actively support the Saskatoon Food Bank & Learning Centre and the amazing work they do in providing programming to empower those in need. The next phase of her community service life will focus her time and attention to the connection between purposeful work and improved well-being.