Strategy and Advisement

Developing your organization’s strategy doesn’t have to be complicated, but it does require preparation and hard work.  At Compass Leadership, we can help you de-mystify the process, and understand why strategy matters and what strategic behavior looks like. We provide the resources, strategic models and facilitation. Our advisement and ongoing support is available to leaders and managers who seek organizational clarity and alignment.

Successful strategy should be straightforward, motivational to your team and achievable. Great strategy without focused, aligned and disciplined execution is just a plan. We will work together to help you achieve both.

Part of a successful strategy requires the ability to shift, when necessary. Often teams are forced to reorient themselves in a variety of ways to maintain their competitiveness. A shift in direction can be daunting and above all, requires attention be paid to the people who are impacted.  Guidance and coaching of those in senior roles is invaluable in helping them facilitate the shift and support their teams, and according to research, a key success factor. Advisement, guidance and support are what Compass Leadership brings to our business, community and project scenarios.